"An Error has occurred ..."

We have notice alot of you have recently a issue when you join rooms to play giving following error

In order to try find a solution to this we need some more information.

When this happens to you we would like you to test to join same room by

  • Unequipt all weapons (Primary, Secondary,Melee, Support)
  • Unequipt all gear (Head, Face, Uniform, Vest, Backpack)
  • Unequipt all Cosmetic (Character, Head, Face, Vest, Backpack)

If this work and you can enter room with only "Default gear" you can try to equipt a few item at time that you had equipted when you had error message pop up.

If you find error message pop up once again equipt a specific item, we can help eachother find if this item happend to others by reply in this topic.

Update: Please specify if you use Rental (GP) or Standard version.

Here is difference of them with M24 as example

Known and confirmed bugged items

M24 (Standard) Note 16.08.2014 - fixed
L96A1 (Standard) Note 16.08.2014 - fixed
L96A1 Ghille (Standard) Note 16.08.2014 - fixed
(ACE) M-200 Ghille (Standard) Note 16.08.2014 - fixed
(ACE) M107CQ SE (Standard) Note 16.08.2014 - fixed
(ACE) M417 Combat (Standard) Note 16.08.2014 - fixed
(ACE) M6A2 SRT (Standard) Note 16.08.2014 - fixed
(ACE) PP-19 MOD (Standard) Note 16.08.2014 - fixed

We have the possiblity to equipe free rotation items which expire to a specific time. If these free rotation items are still equiped after being expired, you will receive this error code.

Unequipe all free rotation items and be sure that you equipe your normal items or the new available free rotation items.

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