"Passport API Init Failed" Issue

First of all, please try to update the following programs and try again :

- Java
- Internet explorer

If this solultion doesn't work for you, open the Nexon Launcher and go to Library, click the clockwork button at the top right of Combat Arms game icon and then click Uninstall, follow the instructions to uninstall the game from there.

Once the uninstall process has finished, please reinstall the game from the Nexon Launcher and try again to launch the game.


After all, if you still are experiencing an issue when you try to run the Launcher and get the error "Passport API Init Failed" please follow the below steps and send a ticket to Customer Support. These will be technically analyzed in order to find the solution for you.

1. Go to Combat Arms game folder
2. Since you got this error, a log file named "npp_launcher_error.log" should be created.
3. In Combat Arms game folder, you will see another folder named "passport". In there, there will be two log files named "passport_updater_stderr.log" and "passport_updater_stdout.log".
4. Collect all these 3 log files and send a ticket to Customer Support with the title "Passport API Init Failed"

Please do not share the information in these log files on the Forum or other parties, as this may contain your account information.

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