My game closes to the desktop a minute or so after started

- Some process is interfering with Combat Arms. Please close any and all processes (most likely packed) that are not needed to run Combat Arms.

- Please check if your security programs (AntiVirus, Firewall) allow Combat Arms EU. You can temporarily deactivate your Firewall and AntiVirus program to check if it is blocking Combat Arms.
- Your Temporary Internet files (in every browser that you have on your computer) might need to be cleared.
  • For Internet Explorer users: Click on Tools, select Internet Options and click on Temporary Internet files (or “Delete…" from the General tab. Select “Delete Files”. This may take several minutes. Once it’s done, download Combat Arms again.
  • For Firefox users: Click on Tools, select “Clear Private Data” and then click on “Clear Private Data Now”. Once it’s done, download Combat Arms again. 
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