What are Super Megaphones? How do they work?

You can use a Super Megaphone to broadcast a message to every player logged in to Combat Arms. Your message will be seen by players whether they’re in chatting in the lobby, browsing the shop, or playing in a match.

To use a Super Megaphone, locate the item in the “Function” section of your inventory and activate it. When prompted , enter in the message you wish to broadcast. You can even change the colors of the words in the message.

Once submitted for broadcast, the message will be sent out through the game once messages already waiting to be broadcasted are finished.

Warning: Messages sent with the Super Megaphones are subject to Nexon's Terms of Use and may not be used to harass other players or use inappropriate language. Users caught violating the terms of use through the Super Megaphones or other means can be subject to disciplinary actions by GM's. 

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