Why won't Combat Arms load when I log into my account and click "Start Game"?

A program running on your computer may be conflicting with our Nexon Game Manager (NGM).  This may prevent your Combat Arms from being able to load successfully.  We ask that you first try restarting your computer as this may resolve this issue. 

Additionally, we recommend that you check your firewall, anti-virus, and/or security settings as it may be blocking the Combat Arms game client from being able to load successfully.  If it is blocking the game client, it will need to be placed in the "exceptions" folder of your security programs. 

Please be sure that you have the latest Internet Explorer installed on your computer as our website is optimized for it.  Using any other web browsers may also conflict with the program.  

Remember to only hit  the "Start Game" button only once as hitting it multiple times will cause an error. 

Should you continue to have issues loading Combat Arms, you may contact our Customer Support by submitting a ticket by clicking on the button at the top of the page, and we'll be glad to assist you.  Please be sure to provide as much detail as possible including your computer 

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