I’m getting this error: “ErrorCode= -40”

This error means that the installation files are corrupted.

There are several reasons why this may happen.

Your system might be unstable or an application might be interfering with the installation process. Reboot your computer and try installing the game again.

Your Temporary Internet Files may need to be cleared.

• For Internet Explorer users: Click on “Tools”, select “Internet Options” and click on “Temporary Internet Files” (or “Delete…”) from the “General” tab. Select “Delete Files”.

This may take several minutes. Once it’s done, download Combat 

• For Firefox users: Click on “Tools”, select “Clear Private Data” and then click on “Clear Private Data Now”.

Once it’s done, download Combat Arms again.

Your download manager could be corrupting the downloaded files. If you have a software that you use to manage or accelerate your downloads, we suggest that you turn it off and download Combat Arms without it.

ErrorCode= -40 Error code ticket_form_id_39075 Ticket_field_id_24325885_value_game_installation
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