How can I capture a video recording of my game in Combat Arms?

Players can record videos of Combat Arms without installing any third party programs!

From anywhere in the game, press the Page Down key on the keyboard to begin recording. In the upper-left corner of the screen, a recording notice will appear to let you know when video is being captured.

Video recording can be customized to meet your needs.

When in the lobby, click on the Combat Arms Menu button in the upper left corner and select “Video”. 

Smaller videos will have lower quality but will upload faster while larger video will look better but can take a significant amount of time to upload depending on your internet connection speed.

Experiment and see what settings work best for you.

Recorded videos are stored inside the folder where Combat Arms is installed.

The default location is “C:\Nexon\CombatArms\” or "C:\Nexon\Library\CombatArms\appdata" if installed through the Nexon Launcher.


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